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9 struggles that middle children know all too well

Middle children, stand up and be counted.

EARLIER THIS WEEK, research carried out by YouGov found that youngest children are funnier and more relaxed than their siblings, with eldest children found to be more responsible and successful.

Meanwhile, middle children were left asking: “What about me?”

Yes, often the middle child has a bad lot (or at least, they think they have a bad lot). Here are nine struggles that middle children know all too well.

The pain of being forgotten about

The most common thing associated with the middle child. It’s a cliché, but that’s only because it’s TRUE.

Tweet by @Karli Henning Source: Karli Henning/Twitter

Tweet by @Carlie Brandt Source: Carlie Brandt/Twitter

Tweet by @megp Source: megp/Twitter


And the frustration of being remembered, but remembered wrongly

“Pass me the remote, Sandra.” “It’s Deirdre, Dad.”

Or of course, this:

Tweet by @brittney Source: brittney/Twitter

Realising that no one ever really listens to you

All it takes is one word from Older or Younger Sibling, and the focus is off.

B8yzA7m Source: Imgur

Having to act as a go-between for your warring siblings

You are the dog in this gif.

WQ8pRfw Source: Imgur

Those peacekeeping skills you learned have come in handy though, right?

‘Your turn’ meant ‘whenever everyone else is finished having a go’

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Source: Wikimedia Commons

Oh great, thanks.

The sadness of the phrase “What about me?”

tumblr_m4y0x3ak4g1qi61gdo1_500 Source: Tumblr

And how often you must utter it.

Having to go the extra mile for attention

funny-TV-boy-paint-mess Source: The Meta Picture

And how badly that often works out.

The bittersweet taste of small victories

The oldest gets scolded, the youngest is fretted over, while you sneak around surreptitiously breaking some rules, unnoticed.

giphy Source: Giphy

Feels great, until you think more about the ‘unnoticed’ part.

giphy Source: Giphy

And this picture

middlechild Source: Imgur

Ah yes, the moment he realised he was the middle child.

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