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Millionaire asks partner of 30 years to stay on as housekeeper after replacing her with younger woman

He couldn’t understand why she ‘became aggressive’.

Imagine Mrs. Doyle was Father Ted's ex-wife? Madness.
Imagine Mrs. Doyle was Father Ted's ex-wife? Madness.
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A MILLIONAIRE BUSINESSMAN in London couldn’t understand why, after he moved a younger woman into their home, his partner of thirty years ‘became aggressive’ when he asked her to stay on as a housekeeper.

The Independent reports that the man told the Family Division of the High Court in London that he was surprised by his former wife’s negative reaction.

According to The Telegraph,  the two had been married from the late 1970s before divorcing in the 1990s, but continued living in the same home, treating their divorce as ‘just a piece of paper’.

The court heard:

The husband installed the other woman – and her 12-year-old daughter – into the marital home. The husband told (his partner) he was not intending her to vacate, and would she remain as some sort of housekeeper?
The court eventually ruled in favour of the man’s former partner, saying that she was entitled to an award of more than six million pounds, approximately half of the man’s financial assets.

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