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Can you make it through this article without having your mind blown?

Give it your best shot.


13. Neuroscience really means the brain studying itself

Tim Sheerman-Chase Tim Sheerman-Chase

12. And, what’s more, the brain named itself

CaptPiper CaptPiper

11. Finally, if the brain were simple enough to understand, we would be so simple we couldn’t

tj.blackwell tj.blackwell

Now let’s blow that brain of yours wide open…

10. Some blind people have never seen a smile, but still know to do it when they’re happy

Takashi(aes256) Takashi(aes256)

9. Cleopatra lived closer in time to the moon landing than the building of the Pyramids

wilhelmja wilhelmja

8. 98% of our DNA is the same as that of a chimpanzee’s

wwarby wwarby

7. The universe is expanding. But what is it expanding into?

NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

6. There is no reason the alphabet has to be in that order

dmelchordiaz dmelchordiaz

5. There are stars so far away that their light has yet to reach us

rocks__ rocks__

4. A straight line is the arc of a circle with an infinite radius

Ryan R Ryan R

3. If a person is deaf from birth, what language are their thoughts in?

Menage a Moi Menage a Moi

2. You can always see your nose. Your brain just blocks it out

OakleyOriginals OakleyOriginals

1. Everything that has ever happened – in all of history – has resulted in you reading this


Inspired by this mind-blowing thread on Ask Reddit

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