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Can you make it through this article without having your mind blown?

Give it your best shot.


13. Neuroscience really means the brain studying itself

Source: Tim Sheerman-Chase

12. And, what’s more, the brain named itself

Source: CaptPiper

11. Finally, if the brain were simple enough to understand, we would be so simple we couldn’t

Source: tj.blackwell

Now let’s blow that brain of yours wide open…

10. Some blind people have never seen a smile, but still know to do it when they’re happy

Source: Takashi(aes256)

9. Cleopatra lived closer in time to the moon landing than the building of the Pyramids

Source: wilhelmja

8. 98% of our DNA is the same as that of a chimpanzee’s

Source: wwarby

7. The universe is expanding. But what is it expanding into?

Source: NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

6. There is no reason the alphabet has to be in that order

Source: dmelchordiaz

5. There are stars so far away that their light has yet to reach us

Source: rocks__

4. A straight line is the arc of a circle with an infinite radius

Source: Ryan R

3. If a person is deaf from birth, what language are their thoughts in?

Source: Menage a Moi

2. You can always see your nose. Your brain just blocks it out

Source: OakleyOriginals

1. Everything that has ever happened – in all of history – has resulted in you reading this


Inspired by this mind-blowing thread on Ask Reddit

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