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10 mistakes Irish lads constantly make on Tinder

Asking women if they’re “horny” :(

IRISH MEN, WE need to have a word.

You’ve been using Tinder for a while now and we’re noticing the same mistakes cropping up again and again.


1. Asking these sorts of “cheeky” questions

“I’m so glad you asked that!” – no girl ever

2. Posing the timeless question “You horny?” to girls


Lads, seriously.

This is not an effective strategy.

3. Getting creative with the About Me section

Men: there is nothing wrong with showing off your personality, but Tinder should not be an outlet for creative writing or describing “Here’s how it’s going to go down…” fantasies.

Trust us.

It does not have the desired effect.

4. Referring to themselves as a “gentleman” in the third person


5. In fact, going to great pains to emphasise what a gentleman you are should be avoided at all costs

Shivery isn’t dead, girls!

6. Picking photos that are clearly trying very hard to impress women

We see right through you, Seamus.

7. Or having “candid” photos that are clearly staged

BmhNceYCYAAFYdc Source: AK/Twitter

Oh, you’re just kicking back and playing a few tunes on the guitar? We’re sure you didn’t strategically place your phone on a table and set the camera on timer to take the photo.

Sure of it.

8. Unnecessarily including their height in their bio

“Andy, 6’2″

This is not interesting information, lads.

In fact, it just looks like you’re bragging about being a bit tall.

9. Trying to woo women with mortifying/gross chat up lines

*curls up in ball and dies of mortification*

10. And having profilers that are way too intense

We’ll take you cuddling a sports trophy over the sight of veins any day of the week.

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