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# swipe right

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# swipe right
6 celebs who have used Tinder to find lurve
What was their experience on Tinder like.
# swipe right
Two Irish guys made Tinder's List of the 30 most swiped-right daters
We wouldn’t kick them out of the bed for eating Taytos
# swipe right
These Irish mams took over their kids' Tinder accounts, with hilarious results
“Do you wanna know what I said? ‘You’ve lovely hair.’” “Oh my gooooodddd.”
# swipe right
This guy made a fully functional Tinder costume for Halloween
October 31 has a late winner.
# swipe up
Use Tinder? There's a big change on the way
You’ll soon be able to “super like” people.
# swipe right
This Irish guy brilliantly trolled a Tinder bot using water charges
Jacquelin was not able.
# swipe right
There's now a 'Tinder' specifically for people carrying an STI
MPWH (Meeting People With Herpes) aims to unite people suffering from the stigma of the virus, for which there is no cure.
# catching fire
10 honest tips for choosing the best Tinder photo
It’s going down, we’re yelling TINDERRRR…
# swipe right
'Fancy a ride?': People tell us why and how they use Tinder
Our readers talk hooking up, finding love and REALLY bad dates.
# swipe right
Here's what Aodhán Ó Ríordáin had to say about the man pretending to be him on Tinder
Ah here.
This woman wrote a superb response to a Tinder date who said he'd marry her if she was slimmer
# swipe right
This girl's Tinder profile redefines the meaning of 'adult content'
Keep talking.
# swipe right
10 mistakes Irish lads constantly make on Tinder
Asking women if they’re “horny” :(
# swipe right
Most charming grandad ever tries out Tinder for the first time
And hilarity ensues.
# swipe right
Irish lads with beards -- your scruff may be costing you Tinder matches*
According to completely unbiased research*
# tinder
Would you pay for an undo button on Tinder?
It’s going to be included in the premium version, Tinder Plus, which will be launching next month.
# swipe right
8 struggles everyone who has tried online dating knows all too well
Love is a battlefield.
# Slam Dunk
The Atlanta Hawks are hosting a 'swipe right' Tinder night
This wouldn’t work at Croker, would it?
# swipe right
Tinder claims 1 in 5 Irish adults use its app
# swipe right
Love Hearts are being updated with some very modern phrases altogether
Yes, you could get a sweet that says “swipe right”.
# swipe right
This guy has the best/worst Tinder pic of all time
Hey Brandon. How you doin’?