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Mother shields her adult son from seeing boobs on TV, reaches Peak Mam
*shakes head*

WE’VE ALL EXPERIENCED the crushing awkwardness of having to sit through a sex scene in a movie or TV show with your parents. But if our mams did this, we’d have to have a word.

Redditor DantesInfernape was watching TV with his mother when, horror of horrors, there was a nude scene. Instead of letting it lie and accepting the weirdness, she fetched a towel and shielded her son’s eyes from the filth on screen.

4mUJicr DantesInfernape DantesInfernape

It’s a bit extreme, but it makes some sense, right? Except for this:

I am a 22-year-old gay man.

Oh, mother.

Of course, gleeful Reddit users almost immediately took the opportunity to Photoshop her over EVERYTHING.

Here she is shielding Kim Jong-un from The Interview:

ur4TePy Reddit / 12LetterName Reddit / 12LetterName / 12LetterName

Getting ready for a bullfight:

xS7Imj7 Reddit / TheBlazingPhoenix Reddit / TheBlazingPhoenix / TheBlazingPhoenix

Covering up some absolutely indecent Renaissance art:

loMqvXX Reddit / WhatTheFaceSwap Reddit / WhatTheFaceSwap / WhatTheFaceSwap

Teaching Kim Kardashian about modesty:

okl9YY9 Reddit / sacara Reddit / sacara / sacara

And Marilyn Monroe too:

S0qAnAr Reddit / robotortoise Reddit / robotortoise / robotortoise

…And Miley.

xvW1R5n Reddit / Thrwwy2001 Reddit / Thrwwy2001 / Thrwwy2001

Who knows where her crusade against indecency will bring her next?

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