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This monkey is a tightrope walking genius

Quite the balancing act.

YOU KNOW YOU’VE failed at life when a monkey has better balance than you do.

This funky gibbon, called Siam, recently moved to the Monkeyland sanctuary in South Africa and has been displaying some impressive tightrope walking skills in her new home.

Siam likes to walk across one of the bridges in the forest by treading atop the suspension rope rather than using her arms to swing across. Something that must seem completely bizarre to the other apes in the sanctuary.

When speaking to Barcroft TV,  Monkeyland’s Laura Mostert tries to explain Siam’s quirky act:

Siam, being new at Monkeyland, and actually coming from a caged environment in a zoo in France, she wasn’t used to that and probably didn’t know what to do when you’re confronted by a 128 metre bridge.

Whatever the reason, it’s pretty impressive.


Now we’re not advocating everyone go out and try tightrope walking just because we’ve all been shown up by a monkey. But what we can actaully do is…


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