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7 annoying phone habits that must be stopped immediately

Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye…

IRISH PEOPLE HAVE the best phone etiquette in the world.

That’s according to a survey in the Herald yesterday by travel firm Expedia, which says we are the least tolerant of phone-related rudeness.

Of course we aren’t tolerant. How could we possibly tolerate any of these things?

Ignoring the ‘please turn off your phones’ warning

Airplane mode. AIRPLANE MODE.

iphone_tips-16 Wonderfulengineering Wonderfulengineering

Just do it, and let the rest of us avoid having to hear ‘Marimba’ for three minutes straight when you nip to the loo during a film.

Listening to music without headphones

giphy Giphy Giphy

There should be some law prohibiting this. It’s only fair.

Not using your indoor voice

hello-yes-this-is-dog Know Your Meme Know Your Meme

How many times has a peaceful bus or train journey been spoiled by someone roaring “JOHN. HAVE YOU DONE THE WASHING? HAVE YOU D- I SAID HAVE YOU DONE THE WASHING?” into their phone?

Too many.

Leaving voice mails

Oh, you left a voice mail? Hmm, let us think…

jmofu Imgur Imgur

Texting at the cinema

textingcinema Shutterstock Shutterstock

Because nothing ruins your immersion in a film more than the constant glow of someone else’s tiny screen.

Texting ‘K’

We’d rather no text at all than a text with one, almost meaningless letter.

ktext Comment Photos Comment Photos

‘Bye, bye, bye, bye’

The next time we hear someone doing this, we’re going to reach over and hang up the phone for them.

tumblr_lkh197rCHO1qh17feo1_400 Tumblr Tumblr


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