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These are the most inappropriate selfies in selfie history

From the ‘nuclear disaster’ selfie, to the ‘in jail’ selfie.

THIS MONTH THE world saw one of its most ill-timed selfies yet go viral, when an American high school student took a snap of himself with his teacher in the background…while she appeared to be in labour.

However, Malik Whiter is not the first person to take an inappropriate selfie.  In fact there are hundreds of them.

Here is a selection of some of the most ill-timed selfies in the history of selfies.

The ‘got pulled over by the cops’ selfie

sjUkKAs Source: Imgur

The ‘holding someone’s ashes’ selfie

ashes Source: Selfies at serious places

The ‘Anne Frank House’ selfie

2eby2ag Source: Selfies at serious places

The ‘I just nearly died’ selfie

olI2BCp Source: Imgur

The ‘nuclear disaster’ selfie

biqk2h Source: Selfies at serious places

The ‘house is on fire’ selfie

572oEjB Source: Imgur

The ‘grandma’s funeral’ selfie

bdtr48 Source: Selfies at serious places

The ‘we’re going streaking’ selfie

qMcT8AB Source: Imgur

The ‘hungover at the 9/11 memorial’ selfie

21n33px Source: Selfies at serious places

And the ‘at the jail’ selfie

38k7kKD Source: Imgur

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