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10 of the most politically correct things that ever happened

Please do not be offended.

THE WORLD HAS gone mad. Well, just politically correct.

These things are crossing the line into TOO PC.

1. This game of chess

sf52GAq Source: Imgur

2. This paragraph

kGB37 Source: Imgur

3. This sign

Politically-Correct-Ride-Sign Source: Lazerhorse

4. These gingerbread men

yJzV4tU Source: Imgur

5. This version of Little Red Riding Hood

6v61qIf Source: Imgur

6. These culturally sensitive markers

BvLxkH6IEAAryrv Source: Cat_Pierce

7. This holiday bobble

happy-whatever-doesnt-offend-you Source: Twentysixdollars

8. This restroom that doesn’t discriminate

BoF-rmjCcAA9S5M Source: aaronrobinow

9. This hot chocolate marshmallow snow ‘being’

Bam_JynCAAAhdyK Source: nashty2013

10. This t-shirt

79b356dc1afef90afb06d2227a7d1bdb_xlarge Source: Sodahead

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