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8 nice things you should definitely do for your mam today

Simple, but meaningful nonetheless.

IT’S 9.30AM ON Mothering Sunday. Do you know where your mam is?

But seriously – while you may have gotten her a gift, some flowers or a card, there are loads of other simple things you can do to show her you care.

Here are some nice things you can and should do for your mam today. Go on.

1. Help her with her camera/iPhone/Facebook page


Here’s the thing though: You should definitely NOT lose your patience when she asks you how you did that seemingly simple thing for the millionth time.

We know, it’s hard. But it’s Mothers’ Day, and she’s your mam.

2. Make a nice photo album together

Kill two birds with one stone: Sort out the family photos and look back on old times. Ahhh.

photo-album-631084_1280 Source: Pixabay

You could also make a photo book online – PhotoBox.ie has some nice options, and the whole thing will then be shipped out to your mam’s address. Done and done.

3. Take her out to tea

cheesecake Source: DailyEdge.ie

Your mam definitely has one preferred, somewhat fancy spot to have tea and cake - some cute Avoca-type place or notion-y garden centre.

Take her there, and insist that she has whatever she wants.

4. Make her a mix CD of new songs she might like

tumblr_n73pw0kRiS1tcxpeio1_500 Source: Tumblr

Or better yet, a whole load of her old favourites. For the car, the kitchen, wherever. Alternatively, load up her iPod/phone with a good playlist.

“Sure I’d never get the time to do that myself,” she’ll probably say.

Ideas for some mam-friendly music: The Gloaming, Adele, George Ezra, Bublé and his ilk. (Unless your mam is into metal. Then, by all means, give her metal.)

5. Cook her a nice lunch

It’s probably too late to be bringing her to that hot new brunch place, but the shops are still open, right?

5070438950_af9461fdf2_b Source: Flickr/jules

Big pots of tea, some fancy bread, sorted. (Don’t forget to do the washing up after.)

6. Recommend her something you like

tumblr_nhttai7Phx1qlgbzbo1_500 Source: Tumblr

Whether it’s a TV show, a band, or a book, share something you like with your mam.

Maybe she would actually love True Detective? It’s entirely possible.

7. Listen to her

stove Source: Shutterstock

Sometimes mams want to talk about the new stove, which colour paint they’ve chosen for the bathroom re-do, who has bought houses, who’s having babies, etc.

Listen to the stove chat. It’s worth it for Mammys’ Day.

8. Ring her

2014-11-18-phone Source: Huffingtonpost

Revelatory, we know. But if you can’t get home, just give her a bell. She’ll be glad you did.

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