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15 movie titles that got hilariously lost in translation

Not so direct.

WHEN MOVIES ARE released in specific countries, they are not-so-directly translated due to cultural and language differences. The result? Some amazing new titles for your favourite films.

1. Home Alone

In Latin America, it’s called My Poor Little Angel

tinypic photo Source: TinyPic

2. Trainwreck

In Argentina, they hold no punches. Amy Schumer’s film is called This Girl Is A Mess.

esta-chica-es-un-desastre Source: Somoscine

3. The Green Mile

It means Unexpected Miracles in Argentina, way to ruin it.

10240-10241-milagros-inesperados-edicion-especial Source: theplanetdvd

4. Superbad

In many Latin American countries, it is simply known as Supercool. What? Did they SEE the movie?

super-cool-2008 Source: Googleusercontent

5. Pineapple Express

In Argentina, it directly translates back to Super High. SO APT.

Superfumados Source: Todoelcine

6. Step Up

In France, it is called Sexy Dance. Yes, yes it is.

Channing-Tatum-Jenna-Dewan-Step-Up-Sexy-Dance-France-HQ-Poster Source: BlogSpot

7. The Hangover

In France, the Hangover 2 is called Very Bad Trip 2. Straight to the point, there.


8. Grease

In Mexico, it’s called Vaseline, which we say is CLOSE ENOUGH.

Grease-Lo-Mejor-De-Vasel-328628 Source: Eil

9. Walk the Line

In South America, it’s known as Johnny and June, Passion and Craziness. Is it worth all those extra characters?


10. Knocked Up

In Peru, it’s called Slightly Pregnant.

na28fo06 Source: Pagina12

11. American Pie

In Hong Kong, it’s called American Virgin Man. Of course it is.


12. The Sixth Sense

Oddly enough, the movie is called He’s a Ghost in China.


13. Girl, Interrupted

In Japan, this is very specifically known as 17-Year-Old Girl’s Medical Chart. Well, they’re just telling it like it is.


14. Guardians of the Galaxy

15. One hundred and One Dalmations

In Spanish, translates to The Night of the Cold Noses.


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