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stamp of shame

Mr Tayto went to Coppers last night to celebrate the All Ireland Final

Sure what else would you be doing of an All Ireland Sunday night?

The nation asked for it, Sasko Lazarov / Sasko Lazarov / /

ESTEEMED HARCOURT STREET institution Copper Face Jacks has seen a lot of famous Irish faces over the years, but none more famous than Mr Tayto.

After the match yesterday, the anthropomorphic crisp asked Twitter where he should go to celebrate… And of course, everyone suggested the venerable Coppers. So he went.

Even though he’s an Irish legend, he still had to queue with everyone else

The bouncers weren’t too kind to him, either

We assume that he tore up the dancefloor, looking something like this:


And left at 4am like this:


And he’s having the same problem we’ve all experienced the morning after…

The stamp of shame.

As for how his head is today – it’s “mashed” he says. Wonder if he can have a crisp sandwich for a hangover cure? Or is that cannibalism? Let us know, Mr Tayto pls.

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