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# Mr Tayto
Quiz: How much do you know about cheese and onion crisps?
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# Mr Tayto
This Irish veterinary nurse in Perth customises dog casts to cheer up their families after surgery
Less daunting this way.
# taytoo
This guy's new Mr Tayto tattoo shows a serious commitment to crisps
And the giant potato himself.
# tayto crisps
Let's settle this once and for all - Mr Tayto is a potato, not a giant crisp
We have the truth.
# happy mr tayto face
Tayto just launched the dream emoji - a crisp sandwich
“Are you making lunch? *crisp sandwich emoji*”
# Crisp Sandwiched
Even Mr Tayto had to queue for Coppers to celebrate the Dubs' All-Ireland win
Surely a man of his importance should have a gold card?
# stamp of shame
Mr Tayto went to Coppers last night to celebrate the All Ireland Final
Sure what else would you be doing of an All Ireland Sunday night?
# the man behind the mash
Life inside the Mr Tayto costume – an exposé
We spoke to the real people behind the iconic potato head.
# the man behind the mash
Life inside the Mr Tayto costume - an exposé
We spoke to the real people behind the iconic potato head.
# Doppelganger
Mr Tayto's evil twin has been spotted in Malta...
Meet Mr Riley. He’s been expecting you.
# revelation
Mr Tayto is an absolute creeper in his latest TV ad
Behold this revelation.
# park life
All hail Mr Tayto ... he's about to create 150 jobs
Thanks to a rollercoaster.
# Diaspora
Irish emigrants miss this food the most.... (can you guess?)
Hint: Ms Longoria had a brief romance with him this year…
# tayto4eva
Mr Tayto has written a heartbreaking open letter about his relationship with Eva Longoria
# crispy bush
There's a giant Mr Tayto bush in Dublin
Giant bush. Snigger.
# snacktivists
This Twitter campaign is hurling bitter accusations at Mr Tayto
The ghost of ‘original Snax’ is angry.
# Tayto Park
Here's an artist's impression of Ireland's massive new roller coaster
Good luck keeping your crisp sandwiches down.
# tayto tumble
Mr Tayto's stumbling Australian television debut is magnificent
That giant crisp is doing us proud.
# let's talk about snax
'Bring Back the Old Snax' campaign launched on Facebook
People out there are angry.
# Down Under
What do you think is the most popular Irish product in Oz?
Is it Tayto? Barry’s Tea? Cadburys?
# ultimate nom
So, someone has gone ahead and made some chocolate Tayto
And they look DELICIOUS.
# First look
Meath's new Tayto Park-sponsored jersey isn't half-bad
We’d be happy with the latest design if we were fans of the Royal County.
# Taytolly Scary
Watch out kids! Mr Tayto turns terrifying
Hallowe’en at Tayto Park… it’ll scare the crisps out of you.