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Mum creates heartwarming Facebook page to support son who wears glasses

The page attracted an influx of support for the young boy who was upset he needed glasses.

WEARING GLASSES AIN’T so bad. Well, try telling that to a four-year-old.

Little Noah Fisher from South Carolina wasn’t fond of his new glasses, and started crying when his mother Lindsey tried to put them on. Lindsey told WLTX that he was devastated when an eye test determined that he would have to immediately start wearing specs.

I said, ‘Put your glasses on,’ and he just broke into tears. It was the saddest thing. It just broke my heart. And I finally got him to tell me why he was crying and he said because everyone was going to laugh at him.

To prove to her son that glasses really ARE cool, Lindsey took to the web for help, setting up a Facebook support page, called Glasses for Noah. In the description she writes:

Our sweet 4-year old, Noah, just got glasses and is having a hard time adjusting. Let’s show him just how cool glasses really are!

The page went viral, attracting over 44,000 likes and floods and floods of supportive messages of solidarity from fellow bespectacled folk swarming in.

Many posted a photo of themselves in their glasses, while others made memes to show Noah that even superheroes wear glasses at times of need.

1454610_673652472668435_638596404_n Source: Glasses for Noah





Even the Irish were throwing in the support.



According to ABC News, the massive influx of kind messages were already working. Noah’s grandfather said:

He saw all these people wearing glasses and I think he thought, ‘Well it’s not so bad after all.’ It helped him. He puts them on after his nap at school. He’s used to it now.

The Fisher family appeared on the Today Show yesterday to thank all those who left messages, and yes, Noah was wearing his glasses.

noah6 Source: Today.com

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