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5 filthy things you never noticed about Mundy's July

It’s packed full of dirt. Really.

THIS MORNING WE christened today, July 1, Mundy Day. Why, you ask?

Because unwritten Irish law states that July by Mundy must be played on the radio approximately 1212325433 times on July 1 every year. It’s tradition.

Source: djspinners2k7/YouTube

It seems like an innocent song about a sunny day, but there are filthy undertones.

Undertones that we will soon make overtones, so you’ll never be able to hear the song in the same way again.

1. “Look another gorgeous Levi ass”

8472877580_786560573b_k Source: Flickr/walterpro

This one is fairly obvious – the narrator is admiring everyone’s bums as they pass him in their denim jeans/shorts.

So far, the song is still about a sunny day in the park, scoping out the fine things. Fair enough.

2. “Just to see your striptease show/July please try your best to stay”

Lucha VaVoom Source: Associated Press

Is he comparing the month to a woman? What is she divesting herself of? Is the narrator sexually attracted to the month of July?

3. “Babe-arama everywhere”

14928176288_b4370cb722_k Source: Flickr/johnloo

Another verse and he’s still fixated on the chungwans hanging out in the park. Perhaps a bit too fixated, if the next line is anything to go by…

4. “I can’t lie on my pocket trout…”

This one always befuddled us, but we never questioned it until now. What is a ‘pocket trout’? Well…

5258200962_0ecd2979c0_o Source: Flickr/usfwsmtnprairie

After a little investigation, we discovered that ‘pocket trout’ (or ‘trouser trout‘) is slang for penis.

Now, Mundy hasn’t confirmed this, but think about it. Every time you joyously sang those words – in front of your mam, even! - you were probably singing about a penis.

5. “Then she brushes off the dirt/From her greyhound skirt…”

Mundy saves us the dirtiest bit for last. You probably assumed a ‘greyhound skirt’ referred to some sort of dogtooth print, right?

image1xxl Source: ASOS


A ‘greyhound skirt’ is neatly summed up here:

greyhound Source: Urban Dictionary

Source: Flickr

In the live version, Mundy adds “And all the boys go – OH MY MY MY” after the ‘greyhound skirt’ line which gives it an extra layer of FILTH.

Good luck ever listening to July again in the same happy, carefree way you did before.

Mundy album launch Source: Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland

You’re welcome.

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