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Video: NASA is sexy and they know it

NASA’s Curiosity mission + LMFAO’s Sexy and I Know It = inevitable parody video.


Less than ten days after the Curiosity rover touched down on Mars, the first parody video involving an LMFAO song has already landed. SRSLY?

The video by a group of people dressed up as NASA researchers marries the LMFAO song ‘Sexy And I Know It” with useful facts about the Mars Curiosity rover (including a shout-out to Carl Sagan).  NASA has already tweeted its appreciation for the clip.

When it comes to the pantheon of Great Rap Videos About Science we’re not sure if it’s quite as amazing as the vid by CERN researchers about the Large Hadron Collider but it’s still pretty good. Plus “Crane, lower that rover” is ridiculously catchy.

(Video: Satire/YouTube)

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