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5 car crash TV moments from the National Television Awards

And the award for most bizarre Awards Ceremony goes to…

Image: Screengrab via National Television Awards

LIVE TELEVISION. You quite simply can’t beat it, but it sure as hell can beat you.

Dermot O’Leary and co learned that the hard way last night at the National Television Awards.

The annual ceremony got off to decent enough start as X Factor winner Sam Bailey teamed up with the school choir from Channel 4′s Educating Yorkshire and legendary crooner Michael Bolton to open the show.

And what a show it was, jam packed with more bizzarre and awkward awards show moments than you could shake a stick at.

Here are just 5:

1. The X Factor musical number.

Remember the days when Nigel Harman was a smooth talking soap bad boy that everyone dreamed would return to EastEnders ala Bobby from Dallas one day?

Yeah, after his recent stint on Downton Abbey and this utterly mind boggling display we’re not so sure. He’s playing Simon Cowell in Harry Hill’s X Factor musical, in case you’re wondering.

Source: National Television Awards

At least someone seemed to like it.

2. The awkward reactions.

Jeremy Kyle didn’t seem to be feeling the best after losing to This Morning and he didn’t hide it very well at all.

Ricky Gervais proved he knows how to do it right, offering up a beaming smile when the camera panned to the rest of the crowd following Mrs Brown’s big win.

However, there was a definite hint of raised eyebrow / *rollseyes* begrudgery from a woman in the back of the Team Derek shot.

Source: NTAs via YouTube

Don’t think we didn’t see you love. Nobody’s allowed begrudge the Irish. Except the Irish, mmkay?

3. Abbey Clancy’s specially rehearsed ‘routine’.

Pity they didn’t factor in the less than dance-friendly gúna, eh? Even Craig Revel Horwood wasn’t sure what had just happened by the time they were done.

Source: National Television Awards

4. The return of fake Sinitta.

One X Factor musical reference was more than enough.

Source: PA Wire/Press Association Images

5. That specially selected presenter Dermot O’Leary pulled up on stage.

“I think I’ve made a bit of a mistake”, O’Leary admitted as he attempted to ask the random woman he’d pulled from the audience a question for the fifth time on the way to the stage.

She didn’t do too badly reading out the nominees in fairness, but her failure to vacate the area on time was rather distracting.

Source: PA Wire/Press Association Images

It didn’t go unnoticed either.

Until next year…

Source: NTAs via YouTube

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