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16 reasons to always turn on your Netflix subtitles

“Sadly go-karts”

1. Softly softly

2. Poor Jesse

karts Source: frodo the dodo on tumblr

3. Is there any other kind of whooshing?

tumblr_ns8fwxGBlr1txh2xro1_540 Source: Tumblr

4. Dun dun  DUN DUN dun dun

5. Swank Lake. SWANK. Snigger

tumblr_nr5in0nZrA1tjdgy0o1_540 Source: Tumblr

6. Same, to be honest

peanutsgrowling Source: imgur

7. So evocative

farting Source: imgur

8. Oh Janice

janice Source: squidwird on tumblr

9. Er, thanks Netflix

net Source: @athinim

10. Flying Cars by Jay Z

tumblr_n8py1awxa71qd42cpo1_1280 Source: Tumblr

11. And at Christmas!

tumblr_n6icptyPGn1tbh291o1_540 Source: Tumblr

12. Snigger

tumblr_mtg60zUniv1sg335oo1_540 Source: Tumblr

13.  What does a European phone sound like?

14. Captain Picard’s jam

tumblr_mhegyhPipV1qj2354o1_540 Source: Tumblr

15. Turk Turkleton

subs Source: kisskissmollyslips on tumblr

16. Same

crying Source: Charles Wright

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