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Graham Norton

Twitter was lost without Graham Norton last night

Friday night TV just wasn’t the same.

FRIDAY NIGHTS WITH Graham Norton are a TV tradition at this stage so with the chat show host off air for the first time in weeks last night the internet was at a loss.

Unless they were watching last week’s episode, which just so happened to be repeated on TV3.

There was no new episode on BBC One though, because Norton is taking a well deserved rest. His temporary absence left a gaping hole in many a Friday evening.

Giphy Giphy

There was anger.

And confusion.

Meanwhile on TV3, Jamie Dornan was being wonderful all over again, with his silly walk.

Back on Twitter, Late Late viewers were struggling to make it through the evening.


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This girl couldn’t believe what Graham and the BBC had done to her.

And one lad’s despair knew absolutely no bounds.

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Our Graham may only be gone for a month, but we think this young lady sums up everyone’s feelings on his temporary absence.

He’ll be back on April 4th with Russell Crow, Cameron Diaz, Richard Ayodae and Kyle Minogue. We’re counting down the days.

Abload Abload

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Well, he’s done it… last night was the best Graham Norton Show EVER>