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# sticky fingers
This is the only way we want to eat Nutella from now on
Well, not the ONLY way, but…

HANDS UP IF you’ve ever eaten Nutella straight out of the jar. OK, now hands up if you’ve ever eaten Nutella out of the jar with your fingers. Aha. We see you.

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If you’ve ever been caught sticky-handed with your fingers in the Nutella pot, have we got the invention for you.

Italian designer Paolo Ulian has created ‘finger biscuits’ – thimble-shaped cookies that are perfect for dipping.


And of course, what is more delicious to dip random stuff in than Nutella? Nothing.


Ulian first came up with the idea in 2004, and it is absolutely unbelievable that no one has thought to have them mass-produced yet.


H/T Evening Standard

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