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10 simple ways you can instantly make your office lunch a little less sad

It gets better.

SURE, DESK LUNCHES can be grim. But there are some simple improvements you can make.

1. Freeze your water bottle to keep things cold

Don’t have a fridge nearby? Ensure you have an ice cold hydration station and a chilled lunch by using your water bottle as a DIY ice pack.

Frozen-Water-Bottles Source: Howtofood

2. Used special shaped lunchboxes

Like this banana holder. You’ve been doing it since you brought Pringles to school in these little tubs, so start doing it with the healthy stuff too.

Banana-Holder Source: Appliancecity

3. An empty CD spindle makes a great bagel holder

bagel-to-go-by-Rodrigo-Piwonka Source: Inhabitat

4. And an old clean contact lenses case is perfect for condiments

18v6ki590mlotjpg Source: Lifehacker

5. Hold apple slices together with a rubber band to stop them browning

aapple Source: Food beast

6. Use the wet towel microwave trick

Wet a piece of kitchen towel before you microwave pasta or rice, and it will save its moisture and be a little less sad.

No+Knead+Bread+in+a+Hurry+6 Source: BlogSpot

7. Utilise the mic

We previously looked at some things you can make in the microwave. Just prepack the measured ingredients and you’re good to go.

8. Invest in a Bento box

Or make your own with a lunchbox and cake sleeves.

f054b9648a1aa7b5900340a392a32a83 Source: firstwefeast

9. Make a salad dressing sachet out of a ziploc

Snip the corner with a scissors and you’re ready to go.

ZiplocDressingFinal Source: meatified

10. Layer your sandwiches with cling film to avoid them going soggy

Layer up your ingredients in your lunch box, bread, meat, salad, with some cling film in between each category. It will be ready to assemble without a sign of sog.

RECOm Source: Imgur

FzvzK Source: Imgur

PwkiO Source: Imgur

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