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One-in-three Americans prefer their smartphone to sex

The survey showed that one third of people would go without sex for week rather than go without their smartphone.

Decisions, decisions
Decisions, decisions
Image: Eric Risberg/AP/Press Association Images

YOU MIGHT LOVE your smartphone, but do you love it enough to forgo sex?

That’s the question people taking part in a recent American survey were asked, and the surprising answer is that one-third of them would give up love making for a week to spend quality time with their iPhone, Android or other smartphone.

And almost three-quarters of these people – 70 per cent – were women.

The survey was carried out by TeleNav, Inc, and also showed that 22 per cent of respondents would go without their toothbrush rather than give up their phone for a week.

Perhaps somewhat predictably, 83 per cent of iPhone users thought that the best romantic partners would be… other iPhone users.

Meanwhile, 70 per cent of Android users said the same of other Android owners.

And smartphone fans turned out to be a little judgmental – they were three times more likely than other phone users to judge people based on the type of phone they carry.

Nearly half of all respondents said they sleep with their phone next to them.

And one in five people would even give up their shoes for a week than go phoneless.

Well, with their smartphone they’d be able to live on takeaways and never leave the house.

What would you give up for a week instead of your smartphone?

Poll Results:

Coffee (174)
Are you kidding me? Nothing (150)
Sex (100)
My toothbrush (33)
Shoes (16)

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