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11 upsetting sights for people who have FEELINGS about onions

The most insidious foodstuff of all.

RAISINS ARE SNEAKY. Butter is sneaky. But the sneakiest of all foods is the onion.

It shows up everywhere, unasked, bringing its manky smell and weird texture with it. And no matter how many times you say “no onions”, the onions appear.

It is sick and it is wrong.

1. Cheek of it, turning up in burgers when you specifically asked for it not to

2. Or worse still, showing up completely unannounced

Restaurants: Please list ALL the contents of the burger. Onions included.

3. When people tell you “Oh but onions give so much flavour!” and you’re like WHO ASKED YOU

CQcF-M-UYAA-H3X Source: Twitter/@OpalescentMoon

4. Biting into a deli sandwich and realising a rogue onion got in

CM8aoB2XAAEGYoT Source: Twitter/@djolly17

Which of you betrayed me, eh? Which one of you concealed it? Chicken or cheese?

5. Seeing it slithering about on your pizza

ChjZ_ZWUUAAiOF2 Source: Twitter/@FigarosPizza

Honestly how dare you.

6. Or sprinkled over something that would otherwise be nice

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Mmmm #hugostacos #toomanyonions

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7. Would you like some hot dog with your onion, sir?

8. When you actually need to spell it out

9. Cos you had to hunt the bloody thing out

10. The actual effort of it

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