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8 online shopping disasters that could easily have happened to you

eBay is not your friend :(

ONLINE SHOPPING MAY be a gift from the gods most of the time, but who among us can say they haven’t been stung by a dodgy eBay auction?

Here are eight people who were terrifically duped by nasty online sellers – there’s one thing you can learn from their mistakes, though: Always read the description, and always ask for a photo. Always.

This attempt at Carrie’s wedding gown from the Sex and the City Movie

ohnoo. Source: Mama Mia

Definitely made from bedsheets.

This deceptively cheap bedside locker

This cut-out nightmare

bkncn-20150303095947405-0303_05011_001_01b Source: hk.on.cc

Argh! Too much cut-out! Too much cut-out!

This limp, ruffled confection

This customer sent a picture of herself in the ... Source: Knock Off Nightmares


This bit of terrible luck

*shakes head*

This lumpy excuse of a dress

baddress Source: Knock Off Nightmares

Save us from that ruching.

This debs disaster

knockfffs Source: Mama Mia

And this frumpy frock

knockoff Source: Knock Off Nightmares

Just as advertised!

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