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8 ways we *should* be able to search for clothes to buy online


EARLIER THIS WEEK, we made a startling discovery – ASOS is now allowing customers to search for clothes according to the sleeve length they prefer.

Source: ASOS

The filter is currently for tops only, but we’re considering this a victory nonetheless. Here are a few other things we should be able to check a little box for.

1. A ‘dresses and skirts with pockets’ sub-category

Source: Modcloth

You should be able to know before you buy if the garment has a pocket to pop your phone into. It’s extremely rude to continue denying women this choice (and it should come as standard wherever possible, TBH).

2. A ‘backless/not backless’ option

Source: ASOS

We’d like to reclaim the time we’ve spent adoring a dress from the front, then scrolling through to see it’s open to the butt crack.

3. A ‘white t-shirts that aren’t see-through’ filter

Source: ASOS

It would be great if they were upfront about this instead of having us squint at the picture on the site, trying to determine if it’s the ‘bad’ fabric.

4. A ‘cropped/not cropped’ filter

Source: Pretty Little Thing

This can work two ways. Sometimes you just want a top that sits nicely with a high-waisted skirt or trousers. But sometimes you want to only see jumpers that cover all of your midsection. Sorting this out for us would be a massive help.

5. A filter that removes items that are dry-clean only


Life’s too short to be dealing with that, man.

6. A ‘shorts that actually hit the right spot on your thighs’ section

Source: ASOS

At the moment it seems like the options are a) shorts so short your arse cheeks are hanging out or b) shorts that reach your knees (we’re blaming the Kardashians and their sudden love for heinous bicycle shorts). Can we have a ‘normal shorts’ filter? Please?

7. A ‘tops and dresses that you can just wear a normal bra with’ filter

Source: Missguided

No bra panic, ever again. Imagine that.

8. And an ‘entirely plain garments’ setting

Source: Pinterest

For when you need something with no bells or whistles, but all you seem to be seeing are bells and whistles. Are you now dreaming about all the ways your shopping life could be easier? Because we are.

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