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all by myself

Are you an only child? You'll understand these problems

Did you grow up without any brothers or sisters? We understand.

NO ONE ELSE will ever understand.

Literally. You’re one of a kind. The only child in your family.

The lone wolf. Flying solo. These are problems only you will truly get.

Playing alone

All the playing alone. On the plus side: amazingly developed imagination!

On the minus side: you had an imaginary friend, you weirdo.


Image: tumblr

Teach me, sensei

Without any older siblings to learn from, you missed out on some crash course essentials of growing up.

If you were a girl, that meant your make-up was pretty much disastrous until a kindly friend took you aside in school and explained that pink eyeshadow wasn’t a good look.


Image: Yuku

Parents who seem to love you 10 times more than other children’s parents

Pictures, texts. You get ALL the love. Where’s the problem, you ask?

Well, the problem is just that: you get ALL the love.

That means your Mam can’t BEAR  not to be in contact with you. Your Dad emails you twice every day. And if you fail to reply within 5 minutes, they WILL call the Gardaí.


Image: Stuffstumbledupon

Under pressure

You’re the only one around. There are no siblings to fall on this sword.



Image: Happy Place

Never leave us

And, of course, you face the pressure and guilt about moving out. Your parents don’t want you to grow up. How could they bear to be without you?


Image: Irish Central

Bad at sharing

But you can’t admit it, can you?


Getting called spoiled

But you can’t admit this either, right?


Image: some e cards

Mishearing and thinking you were a “lonely child”

When actually sometimes you kinda were. Sob.



But it wasn’t all bad…

The main perk. You got your own bedroom and your stuff was always just your own.


Image: cheezburger

No sharing, no bunkbeds, no fighting. THE TOYS ARE MINE ALL MINE!

Did we leave anything out, lone wolves? Let us know in the comments…

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