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Oreos are as addictive as crack according to science
No surprises there!

IF YOU’VE EVER found yourself sitting surrounded by empty Oreo packets asking yourself where it all went wrong, the news that the cookies are addictive will come as no surprise.

Research scientists at Connecticut College in the US used rats to study what affect eating the cookies had on them. First, they were put into a maze with two endings, one with Oreos and one with rice cakes.  They picked the Oreos over and over again.

Then, they put the rats into another maze in which the two endings gave them either an injection of saline or an injection of cocaine.  They chose the cocaine over and over again.

According to the researchers:

Our research supports the theory that high-fat/ high-sugar foods stimulate the brain in the same way that drugs do. That may be one reason people have trouble staying away from them and it may be contributing to the obesity epidemic.

It all makes so much sense!


No official word on the new Oreo-alike Jacob’s J-O, but one can only assume it has the same addictive effect.  Shame the same can not be said for the ad.

Jacob's J-O's

Come on now. We’re better than that.

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