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This dad explained the Paris attacks to his little boy and it's heartbreaking and wonderful

It was on French news yesterday and it’s an inspiration.

pariscover Source: YouTube

FRENCH NEWS ORGANISATION Le Petit Journal interviewed a man and his little son on the streets of Paris yesterday.

They posted the video to Facebook and it’s been viewed over 11 million times already – with so many people commending the dad for his inspirational words.

The reporter asked the little boy two questions

petit Source: YouTube

And this is how the conversation went

petit2 Source: YouTube

petit3 Source: YouTube

petit4 Source: YouTube

But the dad was quick to remind the little guy that they were going nowhere

petit5 Source: YouTube

petit6 Source: YouTube

But, the boy was worried

petit7 Source: YouTube

His response?

petit8 Source: Youtube

The exchange continued on camera, as the boy had more questions

petit9 Source: YouTube

“We have flowers” said the dad

petit10 Source: YouTube

“But flowers don’t do anything, they’re for, they’re for…”

petit11 Source: YouTube

“Of course they do, look, everyone is putting flowers.”

petit12 Source: YouTube

petit13 Source: YouTube

His son had more questions

petit14 Source: YouTube

petit15 Source: YouTube

“And the candles too?” the little boy said

petit16 Source: YouTube

Dad explained once more

petit17 Source: YouTube

petit18 Source: YouTube

And the reporter finished with one final question

petit19 Source: YouTube

petit120 Source: YouTube

Watch the whole interview here with subtitles:

Source: Jeje125/YouTube

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