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9 pain-free ways to brighten up your day
Pain-free AND cost-free. Ideal.

THE EASIEST WAY to brighten up your own day is to brighten up someone else’s. Nothing feels as good as paying it forward and spreading a bit of happiness.

Bonus fact: All of these ideas cost nothing (or at least very little, give us a break here).

1. Pay someone a compliment

An unexpected and genuine compliment. Is there ANYTHING finer than a stranger complimenting your jacket? An unbeatable high.

Image: via Kirstin Anna

2. Get someone a “pending coffee”

This is a brilliant concept, originating in Italy. Basically, certain coffee shops will allow you to purchase a “pending” coffee along with your morning latte. This means a person in need who cannot afford it can come in afterwards and make use of your generosity.

Image: via Hello Giggles

3. Catch up with an old friend

Nothing will give you the warm fuzzies like an unexpected message from an old pal you haven’t seen in a while. Getting back in touch or even mending fences is nice for everyone – what’s stopping you?

Image: via Local High Schools

4. Get off the bus a stop early and walk

At the end of a long day in work, this might be the last thing you want to do. But it’s important to take a little time out and look around you. And what’s more, you’ll be getting off that packed bus beside that person resolutely eating crisps the whole way home.

Image: via Shutterstock

5. Leave your book behind in a public place

Did you really enjoy that last paperback? Try leaving it behind for someone else to enjoy somewhere like a café, train or museum. Write a note on the flyleaf, letting whoever finds it know that it’s all theirs and you hope they love it as much as you did. God, we’re just SO nice that it brings to a tear to our own eye.

6. Bring treats into the office

Or offer to make the tea. Instantly a minor deity within your office’s four walls.

Image: via Fiona Hyde/

7. Bite your tongue

Next time you’re about to snap – ask yourself, will that comment make things any better? Think twice. You’ll feel better for it later. Even if it’s just smugness, it’s better than regret. Right?


Image: via Shutterstock

8. Put your change in the charity box

Ah, go on.

Image: via Funny Signs

9. Smile

Studies show that smiling actually ends up boosting your mood. Smiles are contagious, so you’ll end up making those around you happier too.

Image: via Shutterstock

We believe it’s a similar story for the green thumbs in the comments. Just sayin’.

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