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You've been peeling garlic wrong your entire life

No more scratching around with those damn layers.

GARLIC ADDS SO much to so many dishes, this much we know.

But it’s also minus craic trying to get all the layers of skin off the outside.

But thanks to a wonderful video by Diply this week, there is a simple solution that has been staring us in the face this whole time.

First you get the garlic bulb and a small jar or container

garlic1 Source: Youtube

You put it in there and give it a really, really good shake

garlic2 Source: Youutbe

And just like that, all those layers of skin have just fallen off

garlic4 Source: Youtube

Leaving you with some pure garlic cloves for your cooking enjoyment

garlic3 Source: Youutbe

This is a revelation.

Source: Diply/YouTube

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