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7 people who are dancing like nobody's watching

They are complete and total heroes.

YOU KNOW, THERE are a lot of people who go around the place saying things like, ‘Oh you know, I just want to live for the moment.  Dance like nobody’s watching and the like.’

Frankly, we’ve had enough of their empty words.  It’s all talk and no action!

How many people actually seize every opportunity to get down, regardless of their environment?  Not nearly enough.  Thus, those who do must be respected and saluted.

Here are seven people who are truly dancing like nobody’s watching, and who deserve your attention.

This woman dancing at the bus stop

She’s dead right.

YouTube/Ewan McPhillips

Man and policewoman

This video starts well, but it really comes into its own when a nearby policewoman gets involved.

She pulls out some classic moves.

YouTube/ysée amar

Michael Jackson at the bus stop

This guy was filmed over a 15 month period.  Every day he danced at the bus stop.  What a hero.

YouTube/Jamie Martin

Man dancing to Lady Gaga

We have nothing but respect for someone who makes use of an empty dance floor.  We don’t really like those chumps trying to steal his spotlight though.


Man at the Consumer Electronics Show

He knows how to get down.

YouTube/Viacheslav WeHappy

This woman dancing to Miley Cyrus in the middle of a car park

Extra points for her incredible use of her cane as a prop.


The best dancer on the internet is this old man>

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