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8 things picky eaters are 100% right about

Don’t fight us on these.

1. Beans shouldn’t touch other foods

Surely this is in the constitution somewhere?


Feast your eyes on Denny’s Ultimate Breakfast Plate with a dedicated Beans Zone. Proper order.


2. Wipe the knife

For the love of God, wipe the knife.

If we wanted a sandwich with a wedge of mayonnaise/mustard/butter  along the side of it, we would have asked for one.

3. Butter matters

If a person doesn’t like butter, then it’s unreasonable to expect them to eat something with just a “little bit” of butter on it.

Sure it’s just a scrape, you won’t even taste it.

Oho, we will taste it my friend. We will.

4. Shroom juice

Picking the mushrooms off something is not good enough – there’s a residue.

If we say “no mushrooms”, we mean “no mushrooms”.


5. There’s a difference between garlic mayo and regular mayo

It’s okay to like garlic mayo but not regular mayo. Do not fight us on this.

mayonnaise Source: stu_spivack

6. It’s okay to like cooked tomatoes, but not like raw tomatoes

They are different. Worlds apart. Chalk and cheese.


7. Just salt, please

Not everybody likes salt AND vinegar on their chips. Please respect this.

tumblr_inline_mm4j28Z2ap1qz4rgp Source: Tumblr

8. Burger joints

If you serve burgers, you should be required by law to list EVERYTHING that comes on your burger.

If it saws ”100% beef burger, lettuce, onion and tomato” and then arrives with a stinking pile of ketchup applied, don’t blame us when things kick off.

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