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People were blown away by the west coast on TG4's 'Planet Earth na Gaeilge' last night

Whooper swans incoming.

TG4′S TWO-PART documentary Éire Fhiáin concluded last night, with Eoin Warner taking us on a breathtaking journey from the Connemara islands all the way up to Malin Head in Donegal.

Like the first episode last week, the slow motion camera work of animals in the wild was simply stunning throughout:

plan Source: TG4

And the shots of the landscape were similarly spectacular:

plan1 Source: TG4

Éire Fhiáin translates as Wild Ireland – and the hour-long programme lived up to the billing.

Eoin was in typically poetic form early on as he described the rugged landscape as our narrator:

As I head into Mayo, I know that every step of my journey will depend on the ever-changing West of Ireland weather. That’s the thing about this coast – it’s harsh and wild. Even when man flees, the birds and the animals must face it. You only need to watch a seagull flying during a storm. They have such mastery of flight.

The combination of wildlife and scenery was lovely – like watching these whooper swans landing on the water in Mayo

plan3 Source: TG4

People at home were impressed

Eoin navigated the choppy waters in his trusty kayak:

“I always feel at ease on the sea”

plan4 Source: TG4

There were close-ups of these little pine martins

plan5 Source: TG4

And they’re “reclaiming their old haunts” in forests on the west coast and beyond

Eoin’s trek continued:

“My coastal journey mirrors the ebb and flow of the tide itself. I am coming and going with the seasons, trying to follow the animals’ journeys”

plan6 Source: TG4

From the song of the skylark to the bats in an old church at night, the sheer wealth of the wildlife on the west coast was great:

A “triumph”:

There were “river vampires” mating under the water

plan8 Source: TG4

And shot after shot of the water landscape out west

plan7 Source: TG4

plan2 Source: Tg4

A highlight was the golden eagle soaring in slow motion across the Donegal sky at the end of his journey

plan10 Source: TG4

It was some way to conclude Éire Fhiáin

The production levels made it a joy to watch

And you can check both parts out here

plan9 Source: TG4

The view off Malin Head – a perfect way to wrap it up.

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