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8 pointless social media interactions that need to stop right now

And we’re all guilty.

ALRIGHT, SO IT’S argued by some people out there that ALL social media interactions are pointless.

But not by us. The large majority of social networking nuggets are there for a reason – they’re either funny, interesting, or informative.

However, some ARE more pointless than others. In fact, some are downright bafflingly unnecessary. And they need to stop.

Let’s make that happen. Together.

1. “Mail xx”

Alright, so you’ve sent someone a private message. You’re aware they’ll get a notification for that, right? Like, you don’t need to post on their wall to tell them as well?


2. “Thanks for the follow”

Spare us the love-in. Either just follow them back, or pipe down. Someone has just followed you on Twitter, pal, you’re not replying to fan mail.

3. “Who?”

Tweeting, commenting and posting “Who?” in relation to celebrity or world news is not funny, it’s not big, and it’s not clever. Rather than typing it out, try tapping it into Google. Or you could, y’know, not reply to the person who shared the link. That’s not against the rules. No one will mind.

Smart alecs to the left.

Source: the urban realist

4. Instagramming your feet

Surprisingly common and absolutely incomprehensible. Desist.

Source: statigram

5. Spotify updates on Facebook

If we wanted to know that our cousin was listening to Aqua and our ex to Kasabian, we would ask them. Except, we never WOULD ask. Because it’s not something other people care about.

Source: HuffPo

6. Millions of check-ins

There really is very little justification for checking in every time you set foot in a new bar, restaurant, toilet cubicle, Garda station, haemorrhoid doctor’s office, etc.

Unless you’re on a mission to get stalked, in which case: fire away.

Massage-Parlor Don't do it, man. Put the Foursquare down Source: Jeff Zelaya

7. The “Like and Share” brigade

RT this article if you cry every time.

Source: DumpaDay

8. Like-fishing

Vague status updates – giving a hint that something is afoot but furnishing your friends with absolutely no details. Actively defeating the very purpose of posting information on the internet.

Often inspire the aforementioned “Mail xx” responses.

What social media interactions do you find most pointless? Let us know in the comments.

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