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Pokémon Go could help people who struggle socially
Extroverts generally fare better at the game.
# gotta glitch 'em all
Pokemon Go fans at a Pokemon Go festival couldn't get online and they got very angry
Some attendees had paid $400 for tickets online.
# generation millennial snowflake
13 of the most 2016 headlines of 2016
14, if you include our own headline.
# i'm feeling lucky
Here are the things we Googled most in 2016 - can you guess what made the top spot?
Politicians, celebrities, and pokémon were among the things that dominated our online curiosity in 2016.
# Your Say
Poll: Should public memorials be free from Pokémon Go?
A time and a place?
# Death
Pokémon Go-related car accident kills woman in Japan
The driver was playing the game when he hit and killed one woman and injured another.
# i choose you
A Galway café is now selling donuts that look like Pokéballs
Delicous, delicious Pokéballs.
# aquatic park
Young man shot dead while playing Pokemon Go at San Francisco tourist attraction
The 20-year-old and his friend had noticed someone watching them from the top of a hill.
# problems
It has been a very tough week for the makers of Pokémon Go
Problems with the game, cheaters and shutting down popular sites has put Niantic Labs in the firing line, but it’s recovering.
# gotta catch 'em all
Clinton and Trump’s campaign teams have been using Pokémon Go to try to catch voters
They want to be the very best, like no-one ever was.
# pokemon oh no
Sydney park destroyed as thousands of Pokémon Go players descend
The park was removed from the game after local residents complained.
# gotta name 'em all
Quiz: How well do you know your wild Irish Pokémon?
The little fellas have been running around the country for nearly two weeks now.
# gunpoint
Teens playing Pokémon Go targeted in armed robbery in London park
The teenagers were playing at Whittington Park when they were approached by three men.
# ballyer
Pokémon Go's description of Ballyfermot is shady as hell
# gota pet em all
Some people are convinced that their pets can see Pokémon in real life
It’s actually pretty creepy.
# Hard Times
Man United stars banned from playing Pokemon Go on certain days
It is so far unclear how Jose Mourinho plans to enforce this rule.
# back to reality
Nintendo slumps after investors realise it won't make much money from Pokémon Go
The slump has wiped €6 billion from the company’s market value.
# zookeeper problems
This zoo has put up adorable Pokemon Go-inspired signs for its animals
It was only a matter of time.
# don't catch them all
Gardaí warn people not to play Pokémon Go while driving
Put down the phone.
# pray for syria
Syrian children pose with drawings of Pokemon, pleading to be saved from violence
An air strike on an Islamic State-held town this week killed 60 people.
# facebuke
This Dublin dad losing it over Pokémon Go is the most Irish dad thing ever
“I haven’t got time to worry about the world ending while I’ve got Pokemon to f**king catch.”
# no-kemon
Saudi Arabia has banned the "un-Islamic" and "deviant" Pokémon Go
The country has a 15-year-old fatwa on the Pokémon franchise.
# humans of ireland
This Irish lad's story of how Pokémon Go has changed his life is really touching
“I’ve met so many people out playing Pokémon from all walks of life.”
# Comparisons
Are people really doing more Google searches for Pokemon Go than for porn?
Interest in the game is still high but it doesn’t tell the whole story.
# pokemon go
How Many Of These Pokemon Can You Name?
Prove your Pokémon worth.
# gotta claim them all
Pokémon Go is so popular, even hackers are claiming they've taken it down
Two different groups are claiming responsibility for the game’s servers going down over the weekend.
# bitter killjoys
An Irish comedian had a great response to this begrudging Pokémon sign
“This is awesome! Now go and catch as many f**king Pokémon as you can”
# come upstairs
This mam craftily used Pokémon Go to get her son to do some housework
Lies make baby Pikachu cry.
This guy wrote the best sign to stop people playing Pokémon Go in his garden
Get OUT of his garden.
# Let's get physical
Want exercise to be more fun? These apps will help you out
Who would have thought the two could be combined?
# Your Say
Poll: Have you downloaded Pokémon Go?
The new App is proving hugely popular around the world.
# go on outta that
This sketch perfectly sums up a typical Irish mam's reaction to Pokémon Go
“The only thing she’ll catch is her death”.
# poke masters
Pokémon Go was finally released in Ireland and we've already broken it
We are humbled by your SHUT THE HELL UP.
# Pokemon Stop
Pokemon trainers are being told to stop trying to catch 'em all while driving
This is the world in 2016.
# pokemon go
This animal shelter is using Pokémon Go players to walk its dogs
What a brilliant idea.
# pokemon go
This 7-year-old boy is making light-up Pokeballs to keep other kids safe at night
# keep out
This Dublin restaurant has had it with Pokémon Go players wandering into the kitchen
Ah lads. Be sound.
# pokemon go
20 signs that we have reached peak Pokemon Go
Gotta catch ‘em all.
A US holocaust museum is asking Pokémon Go players to keep away
The museum is trying to remove itself from the game as people visit it to catch Pokémon.
A news anchor interrupted a live weather forecast so she could catch a Pokémon
We’ve reached peak Pokémon.