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9 food combinations that we need to see happen

The world needs this.

IT’S A SIMPLE and well-acknowledged fact: opposites attract.

That’s never more true than in the kitchen. Here are the food combinations that you’d never think of, but are actually just what you’ve always wanted. No, no. Thank us later.

1. Peanut butter and chocolate spread

Okay, okay. You can always spread these two together from two separate jars. But just IMAGINE they came together in the same jar. Instant spreadable Snickers. You know it makes sense.

(Add a bit of banana too. Ah, go on.)

Source: xoque

2. Strawberries and balsamic vinegar

This is definitely an unusual combination, but also has the defence of being a little bit gourmet. Sure you can’t knock it. It’s fancy weirdness.

Source: Worldharmony

3. Marmalade in a fry-up

Lots of people swear by adding just a smear of marmalade to a bacon or sausage sandwich. So why not bring it to its logical conclusion and include it on the table as a condiment for a fried breakfast? Ketchup, brown sauce, and some marmalade. Oh, sure, people will stare – but they won’t know what they’re missing.

Source: Tom Purves

4. Popcorn on ice cream

Pour it into your bowl! Turn your 99 cone upside down and dip it in your popcorn! Whichever way you like it, get ready for a deliciously sweet-and-salty hit.

Source: jamieanne

5. Sprouts with sugar

Wait – before you rush to judge. Think about it. Sprouts with brown sugar, bacon and walnuts. You’ll never slag off the humble Brussels sprout again. Trust us.

Source: stijn

6. Pineapple and chilli

Pineapple and sweet chilli are a taste combination you might never have considered before, but it’s time. This taste sensation is just as good in a upside-down cake as it is in a chutney.

Source: Food Stories

7. Crisps on pasta

WAIT, WAIT, WAIT. Before you judge. We’re not talking about any old crisps on pasta here. We’re talking about a deliciously different topping on your macaroni cheese, giving it that extra crunchy-salty hit.

Source: YouTube/Food Wishes

8. Banana in curry

There are lots of recipes out there for light, gentle curries containing bananas. If you think this idea seems a little bananas itself (ahem), then you’re just going to have to try it for yourself and see.

Source: HatM

9. Peanut butter on a burger

Peanut butter (just like our pal, bacon) often pops up in unusual food combinations. It’s good with chocolate spread, maple syrup, apples, celery… And on burgers. Yep.

Source: Alaina B.

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Do you enjoy any unusual food combinations? Let us know in the comments.

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