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23 ways to say 'potato' as Gaeilge
Happy National Potato Day, ya filthy animals.

Originally published 13 February 2016

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IRISH IS AN endlessly interesting language, with plenty of words that have no equivalent in English.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we have a LOT of words for ‘potato’. Here are most of them – we’ve decided to leave out the ones with the root word ‘práta’, such as ‘práta úra’ (new potato) and focus on the more unusual terms.

Terms found using and

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1. Práta – potato

2. Dradairnín - Small useless potato

3. Ceaile - Mashed new potatoes

4. Sliomach - Soft, worthless potato

5. Steodaire – Small, worthless potato

6. Creachán - Small potato

7. Screamhachóir - Small useless potato (our ancestors really hated useless potatoes)

8. Sceidín - Small potato

9. Langán - Discarded portion of a seed potato

10. Stágun - Damaged potato

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11. Sliomach - Very wet potato

12. Paidrín - Very tiny potato

13. Falcaire - Old seed potato

14. Luathóg - Batch of potatoes cooked in embers

15. Praistéal - Potatoes cooked in embers

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16. Bruithneog - Batch of potatoes roasted in ashes

17. Prochán - Potato roasted in ashes

18. Gátaire - Potato roasted in embers (the dictionary specifies ‘as a treat’)

19. Meallamán - Large potato

20. Brúitín - Mashed potatoes

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21. Peandí - Mashed potatoes with milk and butter

22. Peil - Very big potato (also the Irish word for ‘football’).

23. Póirín - Small potato

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