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17 primary school uniform memories to bring you right back

Remember the joy of no uniform day?

YOUR SCHOOL DAYS might be a distant memory, but we bet these primary school uniform reminders aren’t…

1. Shoes like these

Ah velcro. Helping children avoid learning to tie their laces since the 1950s.

Old Shoes Source: Flickr

2. Or these

So sensible and practical.

harrison_idaho Source: TwiggysShoesSorrento

3. When you were really coveting these


Source: Everything80s.co.uk/YouTube

4. The foot measuring thing

One new pair of shoes and one new pair of runners every year.

Min gets her feet measured Source: Flickr

5. Taking your tie off over your head

You didn’t learn to tie it yourself until at least third class.

tie Source: Shutterstock

6. Or having an elasticated tie

The ultimate in sophistication.

ties Source: IrishSchoolWear.com

7. Wearing jumpers/skirts/trousers three sizes too big

“Sure she’ll grow into that pinafore”.

Source: Yours Truly

8. Jumpers for goalposts

Jumpers for goalposts Source: Flickr

9. These socks

pereline Source: Ebay

10. Grass stains after big lunch

Shouting “TO WHELAN” or “TO HOUGHTON” before you kicked the ball and going in for a sliding tackle.


11. Yoghurt stains on everything

Those pesky Petits Filous.

Supper (86/365) Source: Flickr

12. Being allowed to wear your tracksuit all day on PE day

That lovely fleecy, elasticated waistband heaven.

I-love-sweatpants Source: Readsleeprepeat

13. Trying to get away with wearing your tracksuit every other day

724029462 Source: Cloudfront

14. Wearing slippers in school

Maybe your school had a fancy new floor, or maybe you were in the pre-tracksuit era when slippers were an acceptable substitute for runners.

spider Source: KCMode.com

15. Taking off your uniform the second you got home

MRW I get home from School (we have to wear a uniform) - Imgur Source: Imgur

16. Or leaving it on and risking the wrath of your mother

spooonwooden Source: Shutterstock.com

17. How you felt on no uniform day

swag-walk-o Source: Gifsoup

And there  was always one football fanatic who would come in in a full Ireland strip, shin pads and all.

opel Source: Ryan Power/OldFootBallShirts.com

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