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Mother buys 'princess' wand for daughter, discovers image of 'demon' inside


A WOMAN FROM Dayton, Ohio purchased this ‘princess wand’ for her daughter in a local dollar store. It’s cute and pink and completely harmless-looking, right?

20141106_155851 Source: WHIO

No, not right.

The little girl promptly peeled back the silver foil cover, revealing a small but clear image of a red-eyed, bloody-fanged woman slicing at her arm with a massive knife.

We kid you not.

20141106_160055 Source: WHIO


Here’s the thing though – WHIO reports that the product is labelled ‘EvilStick’ (for some reason) and the store manager says the woman should have known what she was buying. The thing is designed to light up and reveal the picture inside, like this:

20141106_160032 Source: WHIO

The manager said he would only take it off the shelves if more people complained.

Who sells ‘evil sticks’ with pictures of demonic women, disguised as children’s princess wands? Who does that?

h/t Gawker

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