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8 Irish celeb names we need the world to pronounce correctly



HAVING AN IRISH name abroad can be a tricky thing, as so many of you know.

What about the celebs flying the flags for us in Hollywood and beyond though? Will nobody think of them and their fadas?

Saoirse Ronan

HFPA & InStyle Golden Globe Party - Los Angeles Source: Associated Press

Saoirse Ronan. Carlow girl and star of Atonement, Grand Budapest Hotel and Brooklyn.

That collection of vowels might seem daunting, but it’s SEER-SHA.

Say it with us: SEEER-SHAAAA

Domhnall Gleeson

2015 TIFF - Brooklyn Premiere Source: Associated Press

Star Wars, About Time, Ex Machina and Brooklyn alongside Seer-Sha Ronan – Domhnall’s a big star.

This time it’s not the vowels that are the problem, it’s the consonants. It’s really not that tricky though.




Róisín Murphy

Mercury Music Prize 2015 - London Source: Ian West

Singer and former Moloko frontwoman Róisín is helping the plight of Róisín’s the world over, spreading the word of how to work in those fadas.

It’s ‘ro’ as in ‘role’ and ‘sheen’ as in ‘sheen’.


Cillian Murphy

Peaky Blinders world premiere - Birmingham Source: Katja Ogrin

Tempting as it might be to call him ‘Silly-an’, it’s ‘Killy-an’. Hard C.

Siobhan Finneran

2011 Summer TCA Tour - Day 5 - Los Angeles Source: Chris Pizzello

English born with an Irish name, Finneran is probably best known for her role as Miss O’Brien in Downton Abbey.

She goes by ‘Shuh-vawn’. We know it doesn’t make sense. Just trust us.

Dylan Moran

Latitude Festival - Southwold Source: Empics Entertainment

Dylan’s first name isn’t a problem, but the delicate nuances in the pronunciation of the comedian and actor’s surname are important.

It’s MORE-in.

Not Mur-AHN

Padraig Harrington

It  looks like Pad Rag, we know it does, but this golfer’s name is “Paw-ric”. Paw. Ric.

Golf - British Masters - Day Three - Woburn Golf Club Source: Paul Harding

Ciarán Hinds

'The Sea' being filmed in Dublin Source: PA WIRE

Mance Rayder in Game of Thrones may be the King Beyond The Wall, but back in Ireland he’s Keer-awn. Another pesky fada.

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