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manners matter

Here's a very good reason not to be rude to people on public transport

Or just not to be rude, full stop.

HERE IT IS: The ultimate cautionary tale, come to life.

Matt Buckland works with Forward Partners, a London venture capital firm. Earlier this week, he tweeted about an unpleasant experience he’d had with another commuter on the tube:

He explained the incident to Buzzfeed:

He pushed and I turned, I explained I was getting off too, but he pushed past and then looked back and suggested I might like to f**k myself…

He doesn’t sound like the nicest guy, right?

But Buckland would run into the man from the train again that day – when the man arrived at his firm for a job interview.

5532264790_f850b9c571_b Flickr / pauliewoll Flickr / pauliewoll / pauliewoll

Buckland said that at first, the man didn’t recognise him, even when Buckland asked him about his morning commute. But Buckland is obviously a better man than most, as he says the incident didn’t affect the interview at all:

It would be easy to hold something like this over someone in an interview, but for me interviews aren’t about that… By the end of the interview we laughed it off, and were both happy.

Despite all this, the man did not get the job. But we’d like to think he will never be rude to anyone on the tube ever again (and neither will we).

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