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This photo claiming to show how Quality Street tins have shrunk has enraged the internet


YESTERDAY, A WOMAN shared this rather startling image on Quality Street’s Facebook page

Charlotte Stacey Hook shared an image of four boxes of Quality Street and wrote, “Been putting the Christmas tree up, always keep my tins to put my decorations in after Christmas! Look how They’ve changed in size from 1998 till 2014!”


12347579_10156404255540374_2844620530272772885_n Source: Charlotte Stacey Hook/Facebook

The image has since been shared over 29,000 times and liked over 73,000 times.

It has caused outrage among loyal Quality Street customers and confirmed what many already believed — that tins of Quality Street have been shrinking before our very eyes for years now.

That’s shocking.
Wow! That’s actually shocking you get about half the amount now!!!
 I knew they’d shrunk !

The Quality Street Facebook page has since been inundated with posts from other customers demanding to know what the story is.


And this meme has started to do the rounds.


So what do Quality Street have to say for themselves?

A spokesman for Nestlé told Metro that all is not as it seems.

This image does not compare products like for like. As well as the 780g tub pictured, we also have a 1.3kg tin available which lovers of Quality Street might like to try as an alternative this Christmas.

Indeed a quick gander on Tesco reveals that Quality Street comes in a variation of sizes, including 756g and 1.315kg.

qualit Source: Tesco

You got away with it this time, Quality Street, but be warned — we’re staying vigilant.

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