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# Rap
US rapper DMX dies aged 50
DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was known for his hits in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
# body and soul
Irish hip hop: 'For many years doing what we’re doing was stigmatised and laughed at'
We speak to two artists due to play at Body and Soul this month.
# Miami
Controversial chart-topping rapper XXXTentacion shot dead in Florida
The rapper, whose lyrics were filled with insecurity and his real life marred by violence, was gunned down in broad daylight.
# flip the script
'We know what conservative populism is now thanks to Brexit and Trump, this is progressive populism': The rise of Irish hip hop
A new book looks into European hip hop.
# fab feeling
Hip hop has now overtaken rock music and become the most popular music genre in America
It may have something to do with Drake hitting 10 billion streams.
# 99 Problems
'It's about how we speak and live': How rap music is saving languages on the brink of extinction
From Norwegians to Native Americans, people are using rap music to keep indigenous language alive.
# straight outta comp-ton
Suge Knight claims Dr. Dre hired a hitman to kill him, files $300m lawsuit
Suge Knight is currently in jail after killing a colleague with his car.
# woke up in limavady
This Belfast comedian's rap about a night out is the most Nordie thing ever
“Get me to Centra till I get some Berocca”
# pancake art
Macklemore owns a nude painting of Justin Bieber with a pancake on his penis
It’s art, we guess? (The painting could be deemed NSFW.)
# pun time
People have been coming up with brilliant Gaeilge-based rap names on Twitter
So Solid Crubeen.
# straight outta compton
Is 'F*ck tha Police' still a watchword in the US?
NWA were told not play the song, has anything changed?
# in da club
'Bankrupt' rapper 50 Cent has a 24-bathroom house with a nightclub in it
That’s a big house, Fiddy.
# role reversal
Some old people from Carlow made a rap video and it's pretty epic
All hail ‘Rantin’ & Bantin”
# fatal hit-and-run
Suge Knight collapses in court after judge sets bail at $25 million
“He’s being treated worse than Charles Manson,” his attorney told reporters afterwards.
# Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj spoke out on race and police brutality in a new Rolling Stone interview
Rapper says black artists are reluctant to speak out on political matters.
# Irish Water
These Galway lads have written an extremely passionate rap about Irish Water
“The time has come to stand and fight/and not put up with the same old sh*te…”
# soaked in blood
Rapper jailed for posting lyrics on Facebook threatening to kill ex-wife
Anthony Elonis (AKA Tone Dougie) says the threats weren’t real.
# rapping
Husband secretly films wife rapping in the car, AKA the nightmare
Don’t be getting any ideas now.
# slim shady
Eminem under fire for rapping about punching Lana Del Rey in the face
The lyrics were included in a newly released freestyle.
# islamic state
Suspected killer of James Foley is London rapper and son of Al-Qaeda suspect - reports
Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, aka L Jinny, left his well-off London home last year…
# let's rap
Amazing doctor raps 'cast rules' to little girl with broken leg
He’s got mad skillz.
# gin and juice
Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon belt out Broadway versions of hip-hop classics
It’s Snoop Dogg. With jazz hands.
# irish party
Irish rapper releases ode to St Patrick's Day
There’s a lot of tin whistle.
# samba party
Ronaldinho has released a Samba rap single and music video
This is the best football/samba crossover since we signed Cherno in Championship Manager.
# Oh The Humanity
These American sorority girls have made the worst DIY rap video in history
It’s actually painful.
# Criticism
Brendan Rodgers faces rap over 'Manchester' ref
Mason, who did appear to make errors on a number of key decisions against Liverpool, is based in Bolton.
# up da pole
Couple announces pregnancy with cringe-inducing rap
Word to yo’ mama.
Hip-hop exchange teams up Irish and Dutch rappers
Almost twenty rappers, beatmakers, singers and producers travelled to the Netherlands earlier this year – and are playing in Dublin tonight.
# Hey sexy lady
Meet South Korea's new 'Gangnam Style' tourist police
The new force was “formed to protect tourists from being ripped off during their stay in Seoul”.
# friday flashback
On this night in 2002 you were listening to… Eminem
A Friday Flashback to get your weekend started…
# golddigga
Kanye West performs in Kazakhstan, no one watches
Selfie or it never happened.
Dubliner advertises for rap producer on Gumtree
They didn’t choose this thug life, it chose them.
# One Slim Shandy
"You won't be drinking on the roadways of Slane" - Garda in charge of Eminem security
Fans will be subject to three searches before entering Slane Castle and the head of the safety operation says that bringing “slabs” of drink is pointless as they will be confiscated.
# real slim shady
VIDEO: Gangsta-rapping bridesmaid spits some rhymes
Giving it to you raw from the top table.
# rapping ronan
Ronan Keating wants to be a rapper but does he have the credentials?
We would wager that he does lads. Honestly.
# capulet
Wolfe Tone, Michael Collins and Bobby Sands... RAPPING
The finest of Donegal hip-hop.
# santa anthem
The best, baddest Irish Christmas video you'll see today
By a class of nine-year-olds.
# Music millions
How much money will PSY make from ‘Gangnam Style’?
An investigation reveals he could make significantly more money from YouTube than he ever might from music sales.
# santa anthem
LISTEN: Amazing hip-hop Christmas anthem by Irish kids
“I’m a better rapper than Santy.”
# gangnam style
Hey, sexy lady: ‘Gangnam Style’ becomes most-watched YouTube video
The South Korean smackdown of Seoul’s affluent Gangnam district surpasses Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ with 812 million views.