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The Guide To Recreating Your Childhood Photos

Illustrated by some fantastic recreated childhood photos, appropriately enough.

ONE OF THE best photo trends on the internet at the moment as got to be that of people recreating their childhood photos as adults.

To do it right, attention to detail is vital.  You need the right location, the people originally involved in the photograph, and clothing as close to the original as possible.

These people have done it, and boy have they done it right.

Here is your guide to recreating childhood photos.

1.  Don’t be afraid to copy your original positioning, even if it makes you a little uncomfortable.

1984 and 2013 - 29 years later, my brothers and I recreated our family vacation photo at the Texas State Capitol - Imgur Source: Imgur

kkHcrBs Source: Imgur

2.  Disregard any change in height, it’s immaterial.

One of my favourite recreated photos - Imgur Source: Imgur

3.  Facial expressions are very important.

HAsk8D4 Source: Imgur

4.  As long as the main components are bang on, the detail in the background doesn’t matter.

Cq4QdnE Source: Imgur

5.  Baby photos work especially well.

2358979940 Source: Awkward Family Photos

6.  Get the cake right.

1547865918 Source: Awkward Family Photos

7.  Don’t let a little nudity put you off.

1816845676 Source: Awkward Family Photos

8.  Use modern technology to mimic the effects of old photos.

2906588716 Source: Awkward Family Photos

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