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Hundreds of people are posting selfies online and asking commenters to 'roast' them

The internet has peaked.

USED TO BE that people were afraid of becoming the internet’s next slagging target. Now, they’re actually asking for a roasting.

r/RoastMe is a new subreddit that’s going massively viral this week – the premise is simple: Just put up a picture of yourself, and invite people to insult you.

roastme Source: Reddit

But before you encourage people to insult your boss, or your sister-in-law, or whoever it is you’d love to roast – the whole point is that people submit themselves for a slagging.

Roastees must prove, usually by holding up a handwritten sign, that they’re up for it.

UWJo4M1 Source: Imgur

Most of the insults are good-natured, if EXTREMELY cutting – though, as this is the internet, it can get a little rough and raw sometimes.

Here are some of sickest burns so far.

v8jRMpS Source: Imgur

XGj9ZQo Source: Imgur

40Boing Source: Imgur

vE44R9M Source: Imgur

YqPWVAJ Source: Imgur

roastme2 Source: Imgur

135Mm2u Source: Imgur

roastpotatoes2 Source: Imgur

FRxxGVH Source: Imgur

Are you brave enough to seek out a roasting? (We know we’re not.)

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