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# Euro 2020
'People have said 'I hope your children die'' - Family of Spain striker Morata abused after poor performances
The Atletico Madrid forward spurned a number of scoring opportunities during the group stages of Euro 2020.
# said with love
Which Irish Insult Describes You Perfectly?
Let us slag you!
# cheap shot
Obedience, witchcraft and jail time: the best Irish burns of 2016
Politicians, sports stars and an eloquent 13-year-old feature on the list.
# the irish for
13 excellent ways to insult someone as Gaeilge
Is smuigín thú! (You’re a snot-nosed brat. Yeah you.)
# Criticism
'Racist, sexist, stupid and ignorant': The world leaders who attacked Trump
Even the Pope had something to say about the Donald.
# top diplomat
Here is a list of people, places and things Boris Johnson has insulted or knocked over
Who did Boris refer to as “great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies”? And what did he say about the Turkish president?
# ya gowl
11 Irish insults we need the world to understand
# Clown
13 of the most cutting things a Dubliner could ever call you
C’mere to me ye dope.
# Best in the World
11 words that prove Irish people do insults better than anyone else
Ya gowl.
# third degree burns
Geeks, parasites, and your mother: The 12 most explosive insults of 2015
That looks SORE.
# roast me
Hundreds of people are posting selfies online and asking commenters to 'roast' them
The internet has peaked.
# not a fan
Fox News presenter doubles down on Rory McIlroy "leprechaun" insult
“Believe me – I wanted to call him much worse.”
# geebag
Irish people tried to explain classic Irish insults... and failed miserably
“Cute hoor. That’s a culchie thing isn’t it?”
# heard your da
'Your Da' insults are officially the new 'Your Ma' insults
Heard your da wears trousers that zip off into shorts.
# ye tick
9 of the mildest (but most cutting) Irish insults
Please. Be gentle.
# ah bisto
10 exceptionally questionable bits of 'Irish slang' found online
This is how we talk, apparently.
# it looks bad alright
The year of burning deeply: 15 insults that made us wince in 2014
Deep and crisp and even.
# shitehawk
6 of the harshest Irish insults you can dole out
Ah sure he’s harmless.
# hey mom
Mum chronicles her 4-year-old daughter's 'innocent' insults
“You have so many hairs on your face. Is that a moustache or a beard?”
# No offence
The greatest Irish insults, ranked in order of severity
Because if we’re good at anything, we’re good at insulting each other.
# gee thaaaaanks
15 compliments that may be stealth insults
You mean well, but we’d rather you didn’t.
# Marriage
Increased demand for marriage counselling as financial difficulties rise
Levels of stress and anxiety remained high among couples using ACCORD’s counselling service last year.
# Shame
Nasty Ann Coulter tweet gets ultimate smackdown
The most dignified response to the offence caused by the conservative US commentator is contained in a guest post on the Special Olympics blog…
# Oops
Whopper trouble: Burger King CEO insults British food and women
Bernardo Hees said he had few distractions from his work when studying in the UK.
# rant
Designer John Galliano arrested after "anti-semitic rant" at couple in Paris cafe
As Paris gets ready for Fashion Week, Dior head John Galliano goes off the rails “with stress”.