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World's most relaxed burglar feeds dog, makes coffee during break-in

Not a bother on him.

Image: Flickr/luann_snawder

LOOK, THERE’S NO rush. Just robbing a house, is all.

The world’s most relaxed burglar took time to feed the dog during a break-in in northeast Ohio.

CBS4 reports that the intruder fed the dog some sausage meat from the fridge, made a pot of coffee, and smoked some cigarettes before actually leaving the apartment.

Ironically, the couple who lived there were talking to police as the break-in was happening, as they had been arrested earlier in the day on an outstanding warrant.

The pair said that the burglar had stolen prescription drugs, a video game console, a DVD player and some movies.

One of their neighbours has suggested a possible suspect, whom the police are investigating.

At least the dog was happy, eh?

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