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9 times restaurants had absolutely no chill

Surely nobody could eat this much. SURELY.

MCDONALD’S IS NO longer the sole home of the super size meal.

More and more restaurants are adopting the “more is more” approach, so we’re asking: Guys. Please retain your chill.

Just a casual half a cow on your plate there

dkt5awn Source: Imgur

A portion of chips so big, you have to eat them out of a Tonka truck

CRD8laJWwAQbTuB Source: Twitter/@WeWantPlates

This colossal ‘Sunday roast’ burger

Smokehouse - Timeline Photos | Facebook Source: Facebook/Smokehouse

KFC’s ‘chizza’

That’s a pizza, but with a fried chicken breast for a crust. *puts head in hands*

And Mizzoni’s Mega Wheel pizza

You thought the 20-inch Wagon Wheel was something? Try the 26-inch Mega Wheel, which is only available in certain outlets. For good reason.

This ‘mega spice box’

munchybox Source: Instagram/kellytreacy

Or ‘munchy box’ as its known in Scotland.

This humongous breakfast bagel a New York baseball team is selling its fans


These chips that are really just full potatoes

CPr2rC2WIAEJpdH Source: Twitter/@WeWantPlates

And this fry up from Tony’s Bistro in Cork

Cover Photos - Tonys Bistro 69 North Main St Cork | Facebook Source: Facebook/Tony's Bistro

*fans self*

The champagne bong has actually been invented>

This teacher is going viral with her very unusual anatomy lesson>

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