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When you search for 'bitcoin' on Revenue.ie you get 'bacon'

Bacon and buttons.

SPOTTED BY JAMANSNOWFLAKE on Reddit Ireland, searching for the digital currency ‘bitcoin’ on the Irish Revenue website yields some interesting results.

Disappointingly there are no results for ‘bitcoin’, instead providing a delicious alternative…. BACON.


Last December in a Dáil response to a written question from TD Stephen Donnelly the Finance Minister Michael Noonan said that while the Revenue Commissioners was actively monitoring the use of Bitcoin for the purposes of identifying tax evasion, the “threat posed to the Exchequer is likely to be small”.

Bacon on the other hand… well bacon is big business. And rightly so.

uaoPGbV Source: Imgur

What about when you search Revenue.ie for ‘bitcoins‘?


Buttons. Not half as delicious.

You can now pay for a myriad of things with Bitcoin. You can pay for a pint in Dublin or Mayo. Hell, last week Dublin company GSM Solutions even started paying some of their staff in Bitcoin.

Now, who do we see about getting paid in Bacon? Delicious bacon.

tingling Source: Clickreadshare

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